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ANNAPOLIS - Angel Investor US

US$1,000 - US$500,000

I am a financial services professional who is looking to invest my personal savings into start-ups. I work full time and will only be able to serve as an "advisor"--it's your business an...   

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Topeka - Angel Investor US

US$50,000 - US$250,000

I am a 56 yr old male and own a successful medical practice with over 100 employees. I also founded the largest mobile bone density testing company in the Midwest which provides services to... KMC

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Consisa Imports MX

US$5,000 Min - US$500,000 Max

Consisa Imports has been dedicated to the purchase and importation of Major food products from Canada and the USA to import and resale to the Mexican Territory for resale...

100% Raised
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Shortage of Mandated Insu... US

US$200,000 Min - US$10,000,000 Max

Workers Comp Insurance is Fed Mandated across the country! Over the past several years we have witnessed how the economy has created a vacuum in the workers comp insuranc...

20% Raised

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Ivor Noble

Ivor Noble

I was at first dubious about what preparation would be required to present about what we do to a potential investor, would there be anyone present who relates to our industry and can see the opportunity and so on. I was however, most surprised when a constant stream of notable investors took keen interest in our business model. Not only that but they also took the time to offer advice and to relay knowledge that left me pondering on possible improvements to my business. If any business owner with a novel concept that requires capital raising this is a really worthwhile as there is a multitude of investors waiting to to talk with you, which makes you feel like you have the choice to choose who is the best investor to choose to have an alliance with in business rather than just obtaining funds!

Tom Ward, Blackfoot

Tom Ward, Blackfoot

The team at AIN are brilliant, an absolute pleasure to work with. Great network of investors, met so many good people through them. Couldn't have asked for more.