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Local Music Livestreaming

West, USA

SubJam: Solving the problem of local music scenes surviving in the information age. Platform offering branded Cool Mic boasts 10k installs and 4+ stars in Google Play. Solves the desperate need of local musicians to build their communities online.

US$ 150,000


US$ 5,000

Min per Investor

Global Pro
24% raised

Shooting Stars Doc Film

Midwest, USA

$50k invested, raised another $60k for the next big music doc for SVOD; production house True Facade Pictures has successful history in reality shows, social media campaigns and celebrity endorsement; Industry-leading record label has firm interest

US$ 250,000


US$ 20,000

Min per Investor

Global Pro
1% raised

Arin & Kesv


Children are becoming influencers & parents are sculpting personalities to set their kids apart from the rest. And thanks to social media, this is becoming an art form. Arin & Kesv provides options to the boys' niche, minus the guilt of...

US$ 2,000,000


US$ 10,000

Min per Investor

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US$1 - US$100,000

Salt Lake City , USA

Director of Finance at a pioneer and worldwide market leader in the development and manufacture of innovative and highly effective thermal therapy / hyperthermi...

Areas of Expertise


US$1 - US$250,000

Detroit, USA

Founder of a diversified holding company that has a collection of companies in the financial, health, and real estate industries. Our areas of focus include ang...

Areas of Expertise

Finance, Management, Operation

US$10,000 - US$100,000

Naples, FL, USA

I am the Founder, CEO and Chief Strategist of a strategic marketing firm. With more than 30+ years of experience, she produced impressive results utilizing soli...

Areas of Expertise

marketing strategy, social med

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