Local entrepreneurs looking to start a new business will need to consider a variety of aspects concerning their business in the beginning. Whilst you may have come up with a good idea for a business, are you absolutely sure that it is commercial viable? Competitive analysis into the local marketplace and product development needs to be carried out firstly to ensure that the business will work. Typically the money (also known as seed capital or venture capital) that is used to carry this out can come from a number of sources. Whilst many entrepreneurs will use their own money as seed capital, they may also consider borrowing money from friends and family, or even look for outside business investors.

Therefore, entrepreneurs looking for external investment to help develop their idea will need to present these angel investors with a comprehensive business plan, which maps out the new business precisely. Potential business investors will also need to see exactly how you are going to spend their money - else you are unlikely to attract any investment at all.

Once the planning and market research phase has been carried out then many start-up businesses will require an extra injection of investment from their business investors to take their business to the next level. Often entrepreneurs looking to operate a business in a marketplace such as Boston, Cambridge, Stamford, Hartford, Burlington, Portland, Providence or other parts of New England - will turn to local business investors. Local entrepreneurs therefore will need to make connections with other local business people and business investors.

That is where the Angel Investor Network can help as it is a portal where entrepreneurs can connect with business investors in New England and elsewhere in the United States, or even abroad, with branches of the Angel Investment Network operating in over 80 countries - all who are looking to invest in businesses. Therefore why not sign up start making these connections and develop your business idea further?