US entrepreneurs who are looking for investment for their new business venture may require seed capital (a type of funding) to help launch their business in various parts of the USA, including LA, SF, Washington DC, St. Louis, Denver, Kansas City and other key markets in the US, along with coastal cities and markets such as Seattle and NY, and international markets. Seed capital is typically used to carry out the very first steps of a business launch, such as market research or product development. Typically if the seed capital is used wisely then entrepreneurs will then need to look for further investment to develop their business idea into a working business model.

If you’re based in the US, and are looking for seed capital then the first thing that an entrepreneur needs to do is to create a comprehensive business plan. A business plan will help you plan your business and will allow investors to see exactly how your business is going to work and how you are going to spend the investment money. Planning carefully how you are going to use this money and working out how this money can develop your business is important. Typically when an investor provides seed capital for a business, as this is a highly risky investment a new business is likely to only get a small amount of investment at this stage of the business launch. Therefore using any money you receive prudently is a key imperative to any business start-up.

Entrepreneurs looking to create a new business (or expand existing ideas) in cities such as Chicago, San Francisco, LA, Seattle, NYC, Miami and many others - who are looking for seed capital investors can browse the Angel Investment Network to connect with local investors who can help provide seed capital. Working with local investors can be an advantage for a new business because investors who invest in local businesses can help provide advice and insight into the local marketplace too.

Our site also provides you the chance to connect with International investors also, and the opportunity to expand your offering to a global audience.