Alabama Entrepreneurs

From local entrepreneurs in cities such as Montgomery or Huntsville looking to expand, to global companies looking to get into the US market, the Angel Investment Network can help you connect with others in your industry. From IT and communications start-ups, to real estate developments, technical innovations and medical ventures, with a wide range of new ideas and products the US branch of the Angel Investment Network allows users to broadcast their idea to thousands of potential investors looking for a new business to invest in.

Southern states such as Alabama have become a Launchpad for recent Entrepreneurs. While not commonly associated with startup companies and new business ideas in the past, cities such as Birmingham have been gaining traction and recent press due to millennial entrepreneurs looking to build businesses in Alabama.

As an entrepreneur in Alabama, either looking to diversify your investment portfolio or looking to invest in a local business – you can find out more by joining the Angel Investment Network today.

Alabama Investors

Our network features thousands of business entrepreneurs in the US. Whether looking at opportunities in the Alabama area, or states such as Georgia and Louisiana nearby, we feature a range of new businesses, start up ideas, innovators and established companies looking to expand their reach.

This angel investor site is part of our wide network of angel investment sites located around the US and many other countries, which means you can target growth beyond the US also. It allows users to choose whether they want to invest capital in a local venture (as either an active member or silent partner for example) or in an international business.