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US$10,000 - US$250,000

Escondido, CA, USA

Former CEO of an emergency medical products distribution company for 22 years. Company grew to $36 mill in annual revenue and was sold to Waterstreet Capital i...

Areas of Expertise

Areas of expertise include sta

US$1 - US$50,000

Fairbanks, Alaska, USA

My grandparents started a business lending money to poor or low income-clients particularly micro-entrepreneurs. The company has now ventured out into funding a...

Areas of Expertise

We take pride in our investmen

US$10,000 - US$100,000

Denver, USA

Finance executive with track record of leading initiatives to improve top- and bottom-line results and directing operations to increase organizational performan...

Areas of Expertise

Demonstrated capability to suc

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$300 million raised for our members

1% raised

Global Esports Platform

Outside the USA, Australia is a new Free to Play Fantasy Esports platform covering numerous titles for our millions of users to select their contests, pick their players and win prize packs. Offices in US, Australia and UK has us generating revenue globally

US$ 2,000,000


US$ 5,000

Min per Investor

5% raised

Spero CBD

West, USA

Silicon Valley based 100+ years experienced team spearheading online and brick&morter retail for THC free CBD products; market value@$1b by Business Insider; supply and wholesale agreements in place; 3 investors added $75k to $60k founder investment

US$ 2,000,000


US$ 10,000

Min per Investor

0% raised

Next Great Technology Co.

Midwest, USA

Scientel IT Corp's hardware & software solves huge issue for 50,000+ B2B prospects. Founded by the IT CEO of the Year & featured in Forbes. Raising $3 Mill to market existing, award-winning technology which beat out IBM and EMC. Huge ROI potential!

US$ 3,000,000


US$ 25,000

Min per Investor

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We engaged with Angel Investment Network to help secure funding for our first round and were delighted with the results. Not only were we over-subscribed, but the calibre of his investors was incredible. As a result, we are stronger, better funded and with greater traction than we could have hoped to be at this stage.

John Cushing @ Opun

John Cushing @ Opun

I'd like to thank everyone at Angel Investment Network. Thanks to your network, we just raised more than 100% of our funding round. It took just 3 days for several investors to commit themselves. THANK YOU!

Olivier Ferrini @ INNOTEK

Olivier Ferrini @ INNOTEK

I used your Indian network to make contact with a broad range of potential investors from small angels to larger investment groups from several countries. Consequently, I was able to make serious headway in raising the funds I needed for my startup Sure Taxis. It was one of the best investments I made for my startup.

Peter Pudaite @ Sure Taxis

Peter Pudaite @ Sure Taxis

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