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US$10,000 - US$100,000

Hoboken, United States

I am a Back-Office Account Supervisor at Citco Fund Services, the global leader in administration services in the alternative investment industry. I have a Mas...

Areas of Expertise

Accountancy, Accruals, Bonds,

US$1 - US$100,000

Jacksonville, United States

I have been an Executive Vice President of EverBank Financial Corp and its predecessors since 1995 and served as President of Everhome Mortgage since 2005.

Areas of Expertise

I have been involved in the mo

US$100,000 - US$250,000

aurora, United States

I have been in the restaurant business for over 30 years cooking in family restaurants, I also have schooling behind me 6 years of inventory, order filling, cle...

Areas of Expertise

Head chef for ten years at hop

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Wonderful! After just 2 hours of my proposal being sent to the investors I have already received 2 investors interested. Thank for this site.

Andy Palama

Andy Palama

We added our pitch for AOX a week ago and since then we've had conference calls with 10 potential investors and 2 offers of investment. We're delighted with the service and expect to be able to close the round in the next few weeks.

Richard Counsell @ AOX

Richard Counsell @ AOX

Since we joined Angel Investment Network I received 9 requests for Executive Summary, Biz Plan, and Marketing Plan and my proposal just went live on Tuesday. I am going to guess that we will receive the funding need to get this product to market. Thanks for the direction!

LaTonya Higgins @ Mutate Media

LaTonya Higgins @ Mutate Media

$300 million raised for our members

90% Raised

Customers in 51 countr...

West, United States

Rare opportunity to invest alongside VC's in a Series A. Customers in 51 countries including Anheseur Busch. CEO has 4 exits. Team has worked at Amazon, Google, Apple and IBM.

US$ 5,000,000


US$ 15,000


0% Raised


Central, United States

OutdoorXpress is a vibrant import/export company that primarily will be dealing in the outdoor recreation market. Retailing both Echo 4x4 camping trailers and BBQ products.

US$ 1,000,000


US$ 50,000


25% Raised

The Glimpse Group

New York, United States

Active holding company for a diversified portfolio of Virtual and Augmented Reality startups. We currently own/operate 6 VR/AR subsidiaries and intend to expand to 10 in NYC

US$ 2,000,000


US$ 25,000