California Entrepreneurs

If you are a local entrepreneur looking for to start-up or expand your business, or if you are a investor looking to invest in the most advantageous business, Angel Investment Network is the perfect stop for you. For starting businesses in local markets such as Sacramento and the state of California, or to make a name in the global market outside of US, AIN is here to assist you in every possible way! Whether it be accounting services to bespoke luxury eyewear, you can bring forward any of your innovative new ideas/products and get published in a network of thousands of potential investors who might be interested to invest in your business and work with you!

AIN is committed to establishing a connection between local entrepreneurs with creative ideas and investors looking to invest, so the entrepreneurs can implement their ideas and at the same time, the investors can put their money in the business they desire.

California Investors

This is a chance for investors to go through sample business ideas from local entrepreneurs in California looking for investment. Our network provides a large array of industries for investors, so that they can choose the areas of their interest for investing.

Angel Investment Network is located in the US and many other countries, and our services include provisions to invest in either a local venture (as a hands-on or a silent partner) or in an multi-national business.