Oregon Entrepreneurs

Angel Investment Network is the ultimate stop for entrepreneurs looking to expand or start up a new business in local markets such as Salem and the state of Oregon, or worldwide. Comprising thousands of potential investors seeking innovative business ideas to invest in, our network conveys entrepreneurial ideas among those investors and aims to help them with fundraising and launching a successful start-up.

Your ideas can be related to any fields; from domestic productions to scientific research or medical ventures! Moreover, you get to choose among various packages, in addition to features such as Expert Review, that will help you get those ideas off the ground.

Oregon Investors

As an online investment platform, Angel Investment Network allows registered investors to peruse and invest in thousands of creative business ideas from local entrepreneurs in Oregon and from international entrepreneurs. Their proposals extend throughout an array of industry sectors; from IT and communication start-ups to real estate business proposals.

Angel Investment Network is located across different countries around the globe. Hence, an investor can target local businesses as well as international ones.