In the last few years, “Crowd Funding” is a term that has gained a lot of buzz in various markets, and while its roots come from charities or artists such as independent film makers seeking backing for their project, it is now also referred to in instances when an entrepreneur seeks business capital such as seed money, but decides to try doing so via multiple channels, such as website visitors making donations to fund the website costs and growth.

The US Angel Investment Network is ideal for this strategy, as we and we have a diverse, global community of investors across a wide range of industries. One of the advantages of crowd funding (and of US Angel Investment Network for that matter) is that you can not only generate capital for your business, but also spread the word faster – as multiple investors and groups are going to be involved from the start.

There is a lot of debate about whether start-ups should choose crowd funding or angel investment as their fund raising strategy. Our opinion is that you should consider using both channels, as it isn’t easy to raise early-stage funding so is worth exploring as many options as possible.