In many ways anyone who is willing to lend businesses money will require the entrepreneur’s business to meet stringent requirements, no matter whether they are a bank, venture capital company or angel investor. For entrepreneurs who are want to find angel investors in the US the basic things investors will be looking for relate to the potential success of that business in the future.

To find angel investors in the US, entrepreneurs firstly need to demonstrate sound business practices, this means presenting a business model that works, have a clear exit strategy in place if things go wrong and ideally have put together a team that already has a proven track record. After all, everyone wants to back a winner.

How is it that some US entrepreneurs can find angel investors quicker than others, even when they offer a similar business proposition? Typically these entrepreneurs have a lot of focus, have a deep understanding of their potential market and the business prospect that they offer has long term viability.

Other things that angel investors look for when investing in a US Business is a competitive advantage and a unique selling point (USP), meaning that the business in question has potential to be successful against other business that may operate in a similar marketplace. If a business has a unique selling point, and offers something that other businesses currently do not - then they are much more likely to be successful in the US. Entrepreneurs need to be pragmatic about their business venture and do their planning comprehensively.

One thing that can make a success out of a business is if the concept behind it is hard to replicate easily. If the business has an entrepreneur behind it who is open to change and flexible in their approach, then this may also help the business become more successful. Entrepreneurs who fit this profile are more likely to find angel investors willing to put money into their venture and are more likely to see success from their business.