Private investors are key for new businesses looking to raise start up capital. Not only do private investments bring financial help to the entrepreneur, but often these investors can provide expertise and contacts that the new business may need in order to get to the next level.

The amount of investment from private investors varies greatly, as investors based in the US and overseas range from a variety of budgets and a variety of industry sectors. Many investors will look at their own interests, whether the idea is innovative in their minds, and often where the new business is located. Some prefer to invest locally, and so business location may be a factor. However, with connections easier to maintain over long distances, online partnerships have been increasing.

Our own Angel Investment Network features thousands of investors based in all parts of the world. We have over 20 branches worldwide, and have helped connect businesses to private investors throughout the last few years.

Private investors usually make several investments, and often realize that not all of them will be winners. Such investments are high risk, high return, but if the private investor is as confident as you are in your idea, can be the best way to bring your product or offering up to the next level.

Private investors are usually successful entrepreneurs themselves, so they will know where you're coming from. Our network features thousands of potential private investors that are looking to invest in the right idea.